We already know, mental illnesses could be debilitating. The behavioral problems of children could take your sleep away, the students could lose steam of their academic run, the office goers could lose efficiency in working environment because of problems like Depression, Anxiety disorders, Marital problems could be nightmare, Issues of Addiction could jeopardise an entire family life and problems of old age related behavioral and memory inefficiency could be devastating, to name a few.

Saltlake Mindset aims to take care of such problems, right from the early ages of life till adulthood and then well into the grand old age. Mental health problems need to be identified first, then assessed through the eyes of the professionals, diagnosed and finally addressed. Management of such problems again need not necessarily be pharmacy -oriented or counselling -centered. In most cases, it takes a perfect amalgamation of both phamacotherapy and psychotherapy to take care of the situations. Saltlake Mindset, likewise, endeavours to address the mental health problems in a holistic way where the magic of medicines tries to match up with the beauty of counselling.